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External use

The multiple uses of aloe in everyday life to pamper the body from the outside.
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Internal use

Aloe vera gel is a valid and effective ally to bring health benefits from within.
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All the beneficial properties of aloe vera gel dedicated to our four-legged friends.
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99.7% Pure Ecological agriculture Good for your health Only aloe vera gel, free of chemical preservatives and synthetic derivatives! Certified and authorized for food use, produced with full respect for the environment and the territory! Anti-inflammatory, purifying, nourishing, immunostimulant and remineralizing properties! Why Choose Aloe Task?

I am very happy with the product and will defiantly order it again

This Aloe Vera gel cleared it up in no time at all. I am very happy with the product and will defiantly order it again. I am looking forward to using it in a DYI facial cream.

Gina Horton



Great Product, good price, great merchant with prompt shipping. Recommended

Franklin Stephens

Android developer

Perfect for multi uses

Perfect for everything. I use it gel for my hair and it works greats. When I have a burn I use it and it reliefs it. Multi uses and great product.

Evelyn Wood

Finance manager

Wonderful cure for eczema on my leg

Wonderful cure for eczema on my leg. I will be using this ALOE VERA forever to keep my body moist and healthy.

Kristen Gordon

Make-up artist

Great product! I love knowing what’s in the products

Great product! I’ve used it on my skin and hair thus far and it’s very soothing on my skin and works well as non-oily detangler for my curly hair.

Elaine Cole

Mum and Artisan

A must have in skin care

This is the best option if you have dry or sensitive skin because it doesn’t contain alcohol (which I noticed less expensive aloe vera gels on here had). I definitely would recommend!

Cindy Dunn

Automotive Company Employee

Real Aloe vera gel like nature intended

This is my third time purchasing this product. Probably the purest most effective form of aloe vera gel I’ve ever used. It blends well with my facial moisturizers and has even helped speed up wound healing.

Alan Johson


Aloe vera is a plant with a thousand properties. Thanks to its gelatinous consistency and healing properties, it is an excellent natural remedy to soothe the symptoms of gastritis and repair damaged tissues. Aloe vera: beneficial properties Many studies have confirmed that aloe vera gel is an excellent supplement to combat ...
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