Maltaloe is a recent reality. Founded in May 2017 by a group of businessmen, lovers and direct users of aloe vera and its derivatives, it works at close contact with a company (Maltaloe Tenerife) which takes care of cultivating and extracting the gel contained in the plant resulted from the collaboration: Aloe Task.

The decision to lay the foundations on the island of Tenerife is not accidental. The headquarters, in fact, has been specially selected to take advantage of the best raw material in the world and the ideal climate for the cultivation of this plant with multiple beneficial properties.

coltivazione aloe vera

Aware of the great potential of aloe vera gel, after evaluating the idea of the partners, MaltAloe has engaged in a series of market researches that has led them to develop a common vision, a very ambitious project but of great interest not only for aloe lovers, but also for those who take care of their body every day with the help of only natural cosmetics and/or supplements.

Aloe Task is a unique product consisting of only the fleshy heart extracted by hand from the leaves of Aloe barbadensis. The gel is cold worked, so as to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the extract. The time between extraction and packaging is less than seven days. During this time, we take care of the reduction of a substance present in the gel, the aloin. If ingested in large quantities, this substance causes side effects. Aloe Task, thanks to its processing, is immediately ready to drink and has no contraindications. The product is packaged in an aseptic environment with packaging suitable for screening UV rays.

The project is ambitious, but on the right track. The ultimate goal is to propose a complete supply chain based in Malta, cultivating the plants directly on site, where the gel will be extracted and then transformed and packaged, so as to allow the use of the aloe also in countries where there is no availability to grow the aloe plant. In addition to offering online sales, the company aims to manage the distribution of the Aloe Task flagship product, and other aloe vera based formulas, in specialized and professional stores, where only certified high quality aloe gel is sold.

The containing package of Aloe Task was designed to have fresh gel available always, handy for every use. The study behind every single sachet is weighted. We have chosen to use 10 g sachets so as not to have to use chemical preservatives or synthetic ingredients to improve the life of the product. When each new package is opened, the product is as fresh as just extracted.


We want to change the vision of the aloe, reverse the situation and let the world know this extraordinary plant, usable not as an ornament of gardens and balconies, but as an ingredient or absolute product to take care of the body from inside and outside.