Aloe vera: a remedy for dry and chapped hands

One of the most common skin problems during the winter season is dry and chapped hands. Aloe vera is an effective and fast remedy ideal for both women and men because the gel does not grease the skin and absorbs quickly.

What are the causes of dry hands?

When the cold and windy days follow each other uninterrupted and the skin is not protected from the cold temperatures, it is easy for it to dry up and in a short time it cracks, to the point of forming on the skin small cuts that can bleed and burn. Even if it is not a serious medical situation, it is a very annoying condition that can create problems in the daily life, for example when all those actions are taken to close and open hands.

There are several reasons that cause the hands dry and require the intervention of the aloe to remedy the problem.

The first cause is certainly the lack of hand protection. Wear gloves to protect yourself from the cold pungete or while working a labor for the limbs is essential. But not only! Also the lack of hydration is one of the causes that cause dryness and cracking of the skin. Always remember that hydration starts from within. Drinking at least a liter and a half of water a day will ensure your body the necessary fluids to always have a shiny and well-hydrated skin.

Another cause of dry hands is the contact with aggressive substances. Just think about how, for example, a cleaning detergent of a chemical nature interacts with the skin causing the alteration of the balance of the skin.

aloe e mani secche

But not only the cold causes damage to the hands, even the succession of the seasons, sudden changes in temperature, such as the heat when you are at home or in a shop and the cold outside, can cause localized redness and cracking.

In the end there are subjects more sensitive than others, for example those who have a very clear complexion, the elderly or children, that at least climate change or contact with substances that may seem harmless, such as food, cause extreme skin reactions.

Natural remedy for dry hands: aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is the best natural remedy to treat dry and chapped hands. Aloe gel is an excellent product that acts as a healing, nourishing, moisturizing, regenerating and soothing agent for dry and chapped skin. There is some need to use specific creams or products rich in ingredients. In fact, the aloe gel is simply smeared every day twice, in the morning and in the evening, directly on dry hands. The product will act as a moisturizer without leaving it greasy.

This feature makes aloe an excellent natural remedy. Our advice is to use 5 ml of gel in the morning and 5 ml of aloe in the evening. Thanks to the speed with which the gel is absorbed by the skin, you will not have any downtime in which you have to wait until the cream is absorbed. It is perfect for both women and men who hate that greasy and sticky effect that is often created after using a highly nutritious product.

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