ustioni cani e gatti aloe vera

Aloe vera, an ally against burns in dogs and cats

Even if the burns are not accidents that happens daily in the home is an event that could occur. There are different ways in which the animal can get burned and the consequences vary according to the severity of the damage. A good owner knows how to handle these issues and how to make burns heal faster in the dog and cat.

The causes of burns

One of the most common causes of burns in dogs and cats is the contact too close with stoves, radiators, radiators and pellet stoves. Pets in winter tend to curl up and fall asleep next to the heat sources they find at home. Sudden contact caused by a misstep, involuntary contact with the surface that is too hot, or a nap too close to the heat source can cause burns to the plantar pads, the legs, the tail or the skin surface.

Sometimes the man manages to intervene in time, resulting in only burning the hair, saving the animal before the burns affect the skin. Other times, however, the burn is important, so as to have to resort to an urgent visit to the vet. Another cause of sunburn is the inadvertent fall of boiling water. It is a cause that usually affects those animals that have the habit of walking between the legs of the owner while they are at the stove.

What to do when the animal burns?

The first thing to do when the dog or the cat is a burn victim is to wash the burned area with plenty of fresh tap water. It is an action of vital importance especially when the cause of the burn is the overthrow of boiling water, since the high water temperature will tend to burn the skin until a few minutes after the first impact. Once this is done, check the state of the burn. If it is serious then you need to rush to the vet, otherwise you can apply pure aloe vera gel.

rimedi ustioni cani e gatti

Aloe vera gel: how to apply it on burns

Aloe vera is particularly recommended for animal burns for two reasons:

  • Speed up the healing process and wound healing
  • Disinfect the wound and refresh the affected area

It is important to buy only pure aloe vera contained in important percentages, free from preservation. Furthermore it is essential that it is free of aloin. The aloe vera gel should be applied to the wound with the help of a cotton bud or a sterile gauze, after which the burn should be bandaged. Do not worry if the animal licks the gel, being a completely natural remedy, aloe vera is free of side effects.

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