Aloe vera: an excellent remedy to treat tattoos

When you make a tattoo you have to pay a lot of attention, especially in the early hours, to treat the skin properly, because serious infections could occur, which would compromise your health. Aloe vera is an effective, natural and safe remedy that will allow you to take care of the new tattoo so it will heal in the right way!

Tattoo: apply aloe to speed up healing

Although it may seem that once the tattoo is over the most demanding work has been done, it is not. In fact, at the end of the realization the tattoo artist will disinfect the area and apply a breathable bandage to prevent the attack of possible germs that could cause infection. Once you step outside the studio, the responsibility and care of your new artwork will be exclusively in your hands.

In the first three/four hours after the completion of the tattoo it is essential not to remove the bandage, falling into the temptation of wanting to admire the design. In these hours the risk of contracting an infection is very high.

aloe vera e tatuaggi

Once you get home, wash your hands with an antibacterial soap. Opt for liquid and not solid soap, otherwise you will risk infecting everything. After that, remove the bandage and very gently, using only the fingertips, wash the tattoo in all its parts. Then rinse the tattoo by removing the soap with warm water and dry it by dabbing with a clean towel. Avoid using sponges, paper or cloth for washing and do not rub while drying.

Now you have to apply a product that promotes cicatrization and soothes irritation. In this regard, nothing is better than aloe vera gel. This precious product is really excellent, acting under different points of view:

  • Reduces redness and irritation
  • Soothes pain and itching
  • Speeds up the healing process
  • Prevents the formation of crusts

In addition, aloe vera gel has bactericidal power, which is beneficial in tattoo care.

Aloe vera: indications for applying the gel

aloe vera e tatuaggi applicazione

The aloe vera gel should be applied on the tattoo after washing the skin. Spread a generous layer of aloe all over the area and then cover with a sterile gauze, so that the skin does not come into direct contact with external agents and clothes. It is not recommended to use cling film as the skin would not breathe, thus slowing down the healing process. During the first three days repeat the application 5-6 times a day, after which you can reduce the operation to only three times a day.

Do not worry if you experience more or less intense itching, it’s completely normal. Aloe vera soothes this symptom, it also refreshes the area. In case the itching does not stop, wash the tattoo quickly with fresh running water and reapply a generous amount of gel.

Healing times range from 20 to 30 days depending on the area where the tattoo was made and its size. Aloe vera gel speeds up this process and also reduces symptoms. Being natural and free from side effects, it can be applied whenever you feel the need.

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