Aloe vera and canker sores: a valid remedy for an annoying problem

Aloe vera is a perfect and functional natural remedy against canker sores, also called mouth ulcers.

What are canker sores?

Canker sores are one of the worst discomforts that one can endure. They condition the daily life, the pain they cause does not allow to drink or eat regularly, and sometimes when they are very inflamed they are painful even if they just touch the tongue. It is a disorder that many people suffer from and they are a real scourge when they appear.

They can appear on the inside of the lips and cheeks, but also on the palate and on the tongue. When they appear it takes 7 to 20 days for them to go away and unfortunately, if badly treated or untreated, they can affect the healthy areas of the mouth and recur with frequency. Women are more affected than men and there is no distinction based on age. The typical symptoms of canker sores are burning and pain. They appear as small pustules with a shape similar to a white crater and the area around looks very inflamed and reddened.

aloe vera e afte bambini

The causes of oral ulcers are many and must be carefully considered:

  • Deficient immune system: caused by pathologies or poor nutrition
  • Wounds in the mouth: caused by aggressive use of the toothbrush, dentures or unconscious rubbing of  teeth
  • Allergic reactions to overly seasoned or acidic foods
  • Stress
  • Gluten intolerance

Usually we tend to allow time for spontaneous healing, having  a very painful time in which even talking is difficult. But there is a simple, cheap and functional natural remedy that will allow you to reduce the pain and heal quickly.

Aloe vera and canker sores: how does it work?

The aloe vera gel is a quick and natural remedy that does not involve any side effects, ideal for treating canker sores of any kind. Its efficiency is due to its healing properties, which favors a faster healing of the blisters and their disappearance. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates the immune system to act and prevent the formation of mouth ulcers.

aloe vera e afte uso

Aloe vera gel is not only valid for speeding up healing and preventing the appearance of canker sores, but it is also an excellent instant remedy. In fact, the gel will create a protective barrier on the ulcer, preventing the wound from coming into contact with food, drink, tongue and saliva so as to make it less problematic to talk and chew.

The use is very simple, just apply the aloe vera gel directly on the wound 2-3 times a day, making a slight pressure with a cotton bud. The amount to be applied must be small, a drop is enough. For this purpose, use a 100% natural, undiluted and high quality product. Canker sores should improve within a few days. Treatment should be continued until the injury is resolved. This remedy is suitable for children, as aloe does not present any contraindication.

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