Aloe vera and dry lips: an effective remedy for men too

Dry and cracked lips are not only an annoying aesthetic problem; sometimes when the situation degenerates and real wounds appear, you can reach a point in which drinking and eating is difficult. It is a situation that usually occurs in winter, when it is cold or when there is a lot of wind, or when you are in dry climate environments or you do not drink enough, causing dehydration in your body.

How to use aloe vera to treat dry lips?

The most used and most famous remedy of all is a product that at least once in your life you have used: the lip balm. Usually it is a small stick in practical “lipstick” format, made of cocoa or shea butter, to which fragrances, dyes and other ingredients are added. This type of product, however, in addition to being composed of  synthetic ingredients that certainly do not do well to the body, is not particularly suitable for men, as it leaves on the lips an obvious layer of product that reflects light and then creates a “lipstick” effect definitely not appreciated by the majority of men.

aloe vera e labbra uomini

So what to do? Let time take its course with the risk of creating real bleeding wounds that could get infected and get worse? The answer is no! Aloe vera gel is one of the most effective remedies because it moisturizes the lips but it does not grease them, it leaves no residue and it does not create the reflective film.

Homemade aloe vera lip balm

Aloe vera gel can be used as it is to moisturize the lips without greasing them, or you can create a homemade lip balm with only natural ingredients, in which the aloe combines with other ingredients that amplifies its moisturizing and nourishing properties.


  • 2 grams of shea butter
  • 1 gram of cocoa butter
  • 1 gram of beeswax
  • 1 gram of aloe
  • 2 drops of essential oil at will

burro cacao all'aloe vera


In a small container weigh the cocoa butter, the shea butter and the beeswax. Melt the three ingredients in a bain-marie. Once you have reached the liquid consistency, add the aloe gel and essential oil, making sure to melt and mix everything. Withdraw the mixture with a syringe and pour it into a small jar or directly into a stick, thoroughly washed previously.

In this way you will get a functional and natural aloe vera lip balm, free of synthetic ingredients such as preservatives and dyes.

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