aloe vera ed emorroidi

Aloe vera and hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a fairly serious nuisance which if neglected can become disabling. The aloe vera gel has proved to be a valid help to treat the typical symptomatology of this pathology. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and soothing action, the use of gel applied locally or taken from the inside can make the difference.

What are the hemorrhoids and what are the causes

Hemorrhoids are dilations of the venous walls present in the tissue of the terminal tract of the rectum, in the anus. They can be compared to varicose veins. We all have these vascular structures in the anal canal. The problem is created when, due to greater forces, the veins swell and become inflamed, causing the classic symptoms such as pain, itching, burning and bleeding.

The main causes are due to an incorrect diet, in which we eat fat, sweet, dairy, fried foods, refined foods and lack of fruit and vegetables. Reduced fiber intake causes constipation in the subject, which in turn causes prolonged efforts during defecation, which promotes inflammation of the hemorrhoids. Irritating foods can also be the cause of the veins present in the anus, in particular alcohol, pepper and chilli, chocolate and cured meats. Finally, the list of causes includes a sedentary lifestyle and the abuse of drugs such as laxatives.

Why is aloe vera effective?

Aloe vera gel, thanks to its many properties, is a valid ally against hemorrhoids. In particular this medicinal plant boasts:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties: mucopolysaccharides present have a soothing action against localized and anti-inflammatory pain. Aloe works both externally applied and consumed from within. Relief using it locally is instantaneous;
  • Healing properties: thanks to the ability to facilitate wound healing, aloe reduces and stops bleeding caused by hemorrhoids in severe cases;
  • Laxative properties: taken from the inside thanks to alkali and anthraquinones aloe is a powerful laxative, in addition mucilages soften the stool so as not to require too much effort during defecation.

emorroidi rimedio aloe vera

How to use aloe against hemorrhoids

There are several methods to use aloe vera. Taking it from the inside it is sufficient to consume 10 ml of gel every morning and 10 ml of evening every day to soften the stool and to perform the function of laxative. The external application is certainly the most effective one from the point of view of the speed in placating the symptoms. Let’s see how.

DIY aloe vera gel recipe


  • 30 ml of aloe vera gel
  • 2 drops of cypress essential oil
  • 2 drops of geranium essential oil
  • 2 drops of mint essential oil


In a container combine all the essential oils to the aloe vera mixing with a spoon, once amalgamated for good transfer the ointment in a container with lid. Apply locally a small amount of product directly on the area to be treated three times a day. The results will not be long in coming

Cold aloe vera gel suppositories

As an alternative to applying the ointment you can create cold suppositories of aloe vera. You will only need 30 ml of aloe vera and a silicone mold. Pour the gel into the stencil and put in the freezer for one night. Use a suppository when necessary. The burning and pain should be relieved immediately due to the cold of the product.

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