Aloe vera and herpes: the best natural remedy!

Everyone has had at least once in his life the displeasure of dealing with cold sores! This annoying aesthetic flaw is not an end in itself, but suggests, just like a spy or alarm bell, that something is wrong with the body. Aloe vera is one of those natural remedies that helps to keep symptoms under control and make healing faster. Before seeing together how to use aloe vera to placate the symptoms, let’s find out what herpes is!

Cold sores: why does it appear?

Herpes or herpes simplex jargon is a disease caused by two types of viruses: HSV-1 and HSV-2. These viruses can be transmitted through the exchange of saliva or kisses, or live harmlessly inside the body without create no damage. But when there is a fall in the immune system, a hormonal rush, stress, failure or incorrect protection from sunlight, food intolerance, or there are physical imbalances, viruses take the upper hand manifesting themselves.

The symptomatology, as well as the evolution of the pathology, appears in four distinct phases. In the first phase the mildest disturbances are present, such as a slight local itching and burning. In this first phase there is not the appearance of the classic bladder, and it is precisely now that the natural remedies against herpes such as aloe vera, are more successful. For this reason it is good to know how to recognize the symptoms and act immediately!

In the second phase, instead, the bladder appears inside the yellow liquid. Care should be taken not to drink from the bottles and to use your own face towel, preferably disposable napkins, as it is highly contagious.

In the third phase, instead, the blisters break and become even more infectious, causing the formation of painful ulcers. In the fourth and last phase, instead, the crust is created, which causes itching.

Why is aloe vera effective for fighting herpes?

aloe vera ed herpes rimedio

Many people wonder how and why aloe vera is effective for combating such annoying and embarrassing ailment. The gel that is extracted from the fleshy leaves of the Barbadensis Miller plant not only helps combat the symptoms, but also prevents the appearance of herpes. The richness in nutrients makes aloe juice a powerful aid to the immune system, reinforces it and spurs it to functional at best. In fact, oral intake of aloe juice helps reduce the risk of infections. By applying aloe vera gel to the infected area, the bladder will heal faster by accelerating the healing process. If caught in time, the symptoms of herpes can disappear in the very short term with only the local cutaneous application of the aloe.

Apply aloe vera to promote healing from herpes

As we said before, the best time to apply aloe vera in gel is when the disease is in the first stage of development. With the help of a possibly sterile cotton bud, apply aloe vera where you feel the sensation of burning or tingling. In case the bladder has already formed, absolutely do not break it. Always apply the aloe so as to limit the symptoms. The application should be done 3-4 times a day until complete healing. A 10 ml pack of aloe is sufficient for daily dosage.

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