Aloe vera and immunostimulatory properties

Known since the times of the Egyptians, aloe vera is a millenary plant, used in medical field for the treatment of many diseases. There are over two hundred varieties of aloe vera plant. All have fleshy leaves rich in a very precious gel. Among these, the most used typec is Aloe Vera Barbadendis Mille, also called aloe vulgaris, because it is rich in beneficial properties.

Acemannano in aloe gel: why is it so precious?

Acemannan is a polysaccharide, a complex carbohydrate with two very important properties: bactericidal and antifungal. It is valuable from the medical point of view because it is able to protect the stomach and the intestinal mucosa not only from agents such as hydrochloric acid present in gastric juice, but also from all infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria. In addition, it has the ability to make the environment less acid in the intestine, a characteristic that allows the development of beneficial bacterial colonies, which will consequently lead to a strengthening of the body’s immune defenses. Lastly, it activates the cells capable of eliminating the toxins present in the body.

aloe vera immunostimolante

Aloe vera gel: the best product to take high quantities of acemannan

Although the acemannan is found throughout all the aloe vera plant, it is important to know how to choose the right product so that the concentration of the molecule is present in a considerable way. The best aloe vera to drink is the pure one, that is not diluted with water or other substances. In order to keep its nutritional characteristics intact, the leaves should be cold pressed and the gel packaged in an aseptic environment. Packaging is of fundamental importance. Beware of large packs, opts for sachets with small amounts of aloe vera gel that protect the product from UV rays.

Immunomodulatory activity of aloe vera

The molecule contained in the aloe gel that has the ability to stimulate the immune system is the acemannan. This powerful stimulant acts directly on the activity of macrophages and consequently on the production of cytokines by the macrophages themselves. But that’s not all here! The acemannan also promotes the release of certain substances such as nitric oxide (nitrogen monoxide) which enhance the immune system.

aloe vera e tumori

This fantastic polysaccharide also causes morphological changes by intervening in the expression of surface antigens. It is also able to enhance the activity of T cells (group of lymphocytes) and increase the production of interferon.

Over the years many studies have been carried out on the use of aloe vera juice. It was noted that the juice enhances the antitumor effect of two drugs, 5-fluorouracil and cyclophosphamide, used for combined chemotherapy.

It is good to specify that the immunomodulating properties of the acemannan are dose-dependent, ie the beneficial effects are proportional to the amount of substance that is assumed.

Classification of aloe vera among super foods

The so-called superfoods are foods that contain important quantities of nutrients that are essential for the health of the body. Aloe is found in the list of these particular foods, together with Goji berries, blueberries, Acai berries and hemp seeds. Its inclusion in this list is due to the anti-inflammatory, emollient, regenerating, antiseptic and protective properties of the whole digestive system, especially the stomach and intestine. It is also particularly useful for combating diabetes and all those inflammations and infections caused by a reaction from the immune system.

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