Aloe vera and insect bites

Aloe vera and insect bites: an excellent natural remedy to give relief to the skin and relieve itching, pain and swelling caused by the bites of mosquitoes and other insects.

When it is hot, besides feeling tired and weak, there are other negative aspects that strongly influence our day: the bites of insects, of mosquitoes in particular. These little creatures over the years have evolved to the point of resisting most of the insecticides and they always manage to find a way to escape the products on the market. For this reason, the industry had to study new methods to break them down, producing ever more toxic and polluting products, which do not do good either to humans or to the environment.

Why do mosquito bites itch?

Have you ever wondered why mosquito bites are itchy? Is it true that those with “sweet” blood are struck more often? Let’s find out together!

The mosquitoes sting the man to take with their sting, a sort of proboscis that they have as a mouth, the blood present in the capillaries, the small veins that are right under the skin. After stinging the man, before starting to suck the blood, they inject their saliva that has anticoagulant power, that is to say that the blood does not coagulate but remains liquid. This action causes in the human body the release of histamine, an anti-inflammatory substance that causes a more or less strong allergic reaction, depending on the subject. And it is for this reason that the affected area of the skin appears reddened, swollen and itchy.

aloe e punture d'insetti

Remember! Only female mosquitoes sting, males do not. The choice of the insect to sting yourself or another does not depend on the “sweetness” of your blood, but on a number of factors such as the genetics, the color of the clothes, the heat that you emanate, the bacteria that colonize you and much more.

Aloe vera and insect bites: how to apply the gel

When you are stung in environments far from home, such as in the office or at the beach, you can placate the symptoms of insect bites using a simple natural remedy, able to soothe burning, swelling and itching.

A perfect example is aloe vera. This magnificent plant has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Simply apply the gel on the mosquito bite several times a day to refresh the skin and promote skin regeneration. In fact, aloe also has healing properties. For this purpose it is good to prefer pure products, with high percentages of aloe (from 99% of purity).

The convenient single-dose packages will allow you to always carry the aloe with you and use it at any time. Apply a small amount of gel directly on the bite and massage until the gel is completely absorbed. Being a completely natural product, it is non-greasy and does not cause any side effects. It can also be used by children and animals for the same purpose.


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