Aloe vera and joint pain

Aloe vera can be used both for external and internal use to treat all the diseases and symptoms resulting from painful conditions affecting the joints.

Aloe vera gel for leg pain

Pure aloe vera gel is the most noble product that is extracted from the plant. It is found in the inner part of the leaf and it is rich in nutrients, in particular in mineral salts, simple and complex sugars, vitamins and antioxidants. Several recent studies have

aloe vera massaggidemonstrated how aloe is able to drain lymphatic stagnation, deflate the ankles and reduce the heaviness that is felt after a day on the move. The use of the product can be twofold, in fact you can work both from the inside and from the outside. The synergic action of the two methods of use allows the aloe to make the most of all its properties including its draining, refreshing and phlebotonic action.

Aloe vera in gel for topical use is applied directly on the legs, with a bottom to top movement to stimulate circulation through a light movement that favors the drainage of liquids. It is advisable to apply the gel every night after a fresh shower, so as to amplify the effect of aloe vera.

Alternatively, you can take aloe vera juice every morning and afternoon on an empty stomach. The daily dose to take advantage of these properties is 40 ml per day. But, can Aloe Vera help relieve arthritis and joint pain?

Aloe vera and arthritis

Arthritis is a condition caused by inflammation of the joints. It can affect both hands and feet. It is easily recognized and the symptoms are very clear: pain in the limbs, swelling, redness and warmth to the touch. Symptoms vary over time and worsen when excessive loads are lifted or the joint is used for too long. The causes are various, but in most cases it can be due to a problem of an infectious, genetic, traumatic and rheumatic origin.

aloe vera artrite


The remedies for arthritis are different and various, but the most effective without any side effects are definitely the phytotherapeutic remedies. The best is undoubtedly aloe vera. The aloe gel, rich in steroids, acts as an anti-inflammatory just like a steroid-based drug, which is commonly used to treat autoimmune rheumatoid diseases. Unlike the synthetic drug, the gel is free of chemicals harmful to the body and does not generate side effects or contraindications.

Muscular pain and aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is excellent for counteracting muscle pain. It is used to massage contracted muscles, preferably in the evening after a shower or a relaxing bath. If done well, the massage with aloe allows you to find both physical and mental balance, just as the Chinese and Japanese say. It is perfect to use after a session of intense physical activity or after a major effort. The anti-inflammatory and calming properties give relief and relax the muscles.

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