Aloe vera for hair: strengthens and promotes growth

Aloe vera for the hair is an effective remedy, but above all natural and free from contraindications, to be taken into consideration when suffering from dandruff, thinning, alopecia or slow regrowth. In fact, Aloe Barbadensis, in addition to being used to treat many diseases, is used in trichological treatments for its nourishing and anti-oxidant properties that strengthen the scalp and prevent premature hair loss.

Aloe vera for the hair: what are the causes of premature hair loss or thinning?

Premature balding is due not only to genetics, an important but not exclusive factor, but also to other causes, such as excessive production of sebum on the scalp, stress, wrong nutrition, frequent use of chemicals to dye or bleach the hair, unsuitable shampoo and a wrong lifestyle.

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Instead, thinning is mainly caused by miniaturization. It is a phenomenon that prevents hair from developing properly, making it appear thin, weak and fragile, subject to fall. So the first step towards healing is to have healthy hair. Two paths can be followed for this purpose: the first one is pharmacological, while the second one is natural. While there may be contraindications or side effects with medications, there is no problem with natural products.

Aloe vera for the hair nourishes and strengthens it, thanks to its nutrient and fortifying properties, which help the development of the hair in the three phases of the life cycle. In trichology, aloe vera gel is applied directly on the skin and massaged.

Growth is stimulated thanks to the enzymes present in the gel, which eliminate dead cells that obstruct the hair follicle, together with excess sebum, and restrain the growth and development of the hair. In addition, aloe vera gel absorbs excess sebum.

Aloe vera for the hair: anti-itching and dandruff

When the scalp is dry and you suffer from dermatological diseases, one of the first symptoms that often appears is itching, which varies in intensity depending on the pathology, as in the case of psoriasis. Aloe vera for the hair helps to limit the desquamation produced by the disease and reduces inflammation, redness and pain.

aloe vera per capelli

Aloe vera gel is a panacea in case of irritation and discomfort or after dyeing or bleaching the hair, when the skin is irritated due to chemicals. Applying it directly on the scalp soothes all those nuisances, such as burning.

Dandruff is a dermatitis characterized by excessive and well visible scaling of the scalp. There are two types: dry dandruff or oily dandruff. Aloe vera for the hair is very effective even in this case, as not only it reduces symptoms such as irritation, itching and redness, but also acts against the fungi that can increase the production of sebum and therefore cause dandruff, thanks to its antifungal properties.

To benefit from all these properties, just apply aloe vera gel directly on the scalp and leave for about half an hour, then rinse.

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