Aloe vera in veterinary medicine: an amazing plant

The aloe vera gel is not only used to treat human health, but has proved a valuable ally in the veterinary field. The multiple properties recognized for humans since ancient times have also spread to the animal world, where wounds, especially among wild animals, are commonplace.

The researchers say that the bactericidal, analgesic, healing, antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal properties that are effective for human health are equally effective for the care of animals. To date, studies in this field are on the rise and research on this subject embraces various categories.

The history of aloe vera for animal care

Aloe vera has been used in the veterinary field especially since the 20th century, especially around the seventies. The first doctor advocating the use of the aloe in veterinary medicine is Dr. Richtard Holland, who reported his experience in the book “Creature in our care”, written in 1985, in collaboration with Bill Coats.

The book contains the veterinarian Robert Northway who published the results obtained in 42 dogs, 25 cats and 4 horses suffering from fungal infections treated with aloe vera gel and successfully healed. Out of 71 subjects, as many as 67 were healed with better results than the use of traditional therapies with the aid of drugs.

aloe vera e cani

But the most amazing results were obtained in the equine field. Horses with tendonitis, retort, muscle tears and joint inflammation treated with aloe vera gel healed quickly and completely. Furthermore, this plant has also been used to rebalance the nervous system, thanks to the concentration of mineral salts present in the gel.

Aloe vera in veterinary: uses

Here are some guidelines for using aloe in veterinary medicine to treat not only pets like dogs and cats, but also horses and farm animals:

  • Cure wounds: speeds up cell renewal and protects wounds from infections
  • Stimulate the immune system: it accelerates the antibody response and spurs it
  • Counteract urinary tract infections
  • Stimulate appetite
  • Relieving joint pain and inflammation

Aloe vera and animals: in dermatology it is strong!

aloe vera e gatti

Aloe vera gel is particularly used in dermatology. The use for this purpose is due to the concentrations of glucomannans that have cicatrizing and re-packaging action, which together with the enzymes and amino acids favor the growth of infected or diseased tissues. But not only! Aloe is also effective in treating visual problems in cats. This animal from the highly developed visual organ often suffers from conjunctivitis or cataracts. Using aloe as eye drops you have beneficial effects that lead to good healing.

To date, aloe is particularly used to treat external diseases. The studies and research carried out to verify the effectiveness of the aloe in internal use are very divergent and at the moment they are not a certainty. This is why it is not recommended to avoid the do-it-yourself and seek advice from the vet to treat your four-legged friend with aloe. The veterinarian also knows the possible contraindications and interactions between gels and drugs.

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