Aloe vera: let’s use it to treat feline acne

Aloe vera is an excellent natural remedy to treat one of the most unpleasant conditions that often affect cats: feline acne.

What is feline acne?

Feline acne is a skin condition that affects cats. As in humans, acne is not a real pathology, but a rather harmless situation that can cause discomfort for the cat, not from the aesthetic point of view, but from the healthy one, since the comedos can become infected and inflamed .

Usually the acne appears on the chin of the cat presenting itself in the initial phase as small outlets with crusts. The master at a first discovery thinks of the worst, of possible wounds caused when the cat is far from home or made by other animals. Man can hardly associate these symptoms with blackheads and such a common problem as acne.

The feline, as well as the man, is equipped in the area around the muzzle of the glands that have the task of producing the sebum, an oily substance that helps protect the skin and moisturize it. It may happen that the glands for one cause or the other become inflamed, causing infection. In severe cases, acne can degenerate up to the appearance of pus, infected ulcers and skin lesions.

Among the causes of feline acne we have insufficient cat hygiene, often not cleaned bowls, allergies, intolerances, stress, fungal infections, hormonal imbalances, parasites and excessive production of sebum.

aloe vera e acne felina rimedi

We treat feline acne with aloe vera

The therapy against feline acne varies according to the extent of the condition. In most cases, simply moisturize the skin and disinfect it. To do this you will need only two very simple ingredients: aloe vera and water.

The aloe vera gel is a powerful antibacterial and moisturizing, thanks to its properties the gel can counteract acne wounds and speed up the healing of damaged skin from acne, without the aid of chemicals. The use of a natural remedy against the animal reduces the possibility that cats lick the product going against contraindications that could harm the feline’s health.

The first step is to dissolve 10 ml of aloe in 500 ml of warm water, which will be used to wash the area, so as to disinfect it. In fact, the fatty acids present in the plant can counteract the infections caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi.

After disinfecting the area, the cat’s face should be dried with a sterile gauze, dabbing the area and not rubbing. After this step, you must apply the pure aloe vera gel directly on the skin affected by the acne. In this way the skin will be hydrated. In order for feline acne to diminish, it is important that this action be repeated every day, possibly away from meals.

Do not worry if your hairy friend licks the gel, aloe is a safe and natural product that does not harm the health of the animals.

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