aloe vera post depilazione

Aloe vera post depilation: an infallible remedy

Depilation is definitely a sore point for everyone. No one undergoes this practice with pleasure, even if for some people it is necessary and inevitable. Hair removal is a very common treatment among men and women. The most critical phase is not the hair removal per se, as one would think, but the post hair removal, when the stressed skin has to return to its “normal” state. Let’s see together how to relieve the classic post-depilation symptoms with a natural remedy: aloe vera gel.

Why does the skin get irritated with wax?

Waxing is one of the most used hair removal methods, even if certainly painful, because it extirpates the hair from the root, delaying its growth. Unfortunately, however, those with sensitive skin or those who sweat a lot or do not undergo treatment by a professional, are likely to experience all the symptoms of a hair removal gone wrong. The reasons why the skin can get irritated are many:

  • Wax temperature too high
  • Highly sensitive skin
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Tear too energetic
  • Sweat

When the damage is done, the problem can be solved with a natural solution: aloe vera.

gel aloe vera post depilazione

How aloe vera gel acts after depilation

Aloe vera gel is an excellent product to use after depilation, even if the typical symptoms such as burning, redness, spots on the skin or extremely dilated pores have not appeared. This gel with multiple uses has different characteristics: it has soothing, anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic and antipyretic action. This makes us understand the usefulness of the product after depilation, when the skin is very stressed.

The first step after removing the hairs is to disinfect the skin with a little hydrogen peroxide and a cotton ball. Then you have to nourish, soothe and moisturize the skin. And that’s when the aloe comes into play. Simply spread the gel on the treated area very gently. You will feel an immediate sense of freshness and relief.

In the days following the depilation you will proceed with the preparation of aloe poultices, in order to soothe the skin, speed up the regeneration of the cells that got eliminated with waxing and avoid possible inflammation and the appearance of bacterial infections .

Aloe vera gel poultices are good for treating any depilated area of the body: legs, bikini area, armpits and face.

Usually the most delicate areas that get irritated are groin, upper lip and armpits. It is good practice to always have aloe gel on hand for immediate relief, whether you do hair removal at home or in a beauty center.

To obtain an even more powerful lenitive effect, keep a little aloe in the refrigerator, so as to have a fresh product that gives immediate relief from pain, itching, redness and burning. This technique is particularly useful in summer when it is hot and you sweat a lot.

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