Aloe vera syrup: DIY recipe

More and more researches confirm the incredible beneficial properties of the aloe. This plant known since ancient times, where it was used as a medicine by many civilizations (Egyptians, Greeks, Persians and Indians) has been a subject of study by researchers, who have discovered more than seven beneficial properties of the aloe.

Recipe of aloe vera syrup

Ingredients for homemade aloe vera syrup:

  • 70 ml of aloe
  • 125 grams of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of rum, whiskey, cognac or brandy


In a blender mix all the ingredients until the mixture is homogeneous and compact. Keep the homemade aloe vera syrup in a glass container, possibly dark, so that it does not let the sunrays pass. Keep the syrup in the fridge. Alcohol helps preserve the syrup longer. Once prepared, if stored well, the product will maintain for long periods without organoleptic changes by aloe and honey. To obtain a quality syrup it is essential to start with a excellent quality aloe vera gel.

You have to take the syrup three times a day before each meal so as to benefit from all the properties of the aloe.

sciroppo di aloe vera ricetta

Benefits of homemade aloe vera syrup

By taking homemade aloe vera syrup every day, you will benefit from all the properties of the aloe:

  • It is a powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Relieves the symptoms of colitis and gastritis
  • Decreases cholesterol levels
  • Regulates glucose in the blood
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • It calms allergies

One of the most interesting studies is that concerning the use of aloe against cancer. In vitro studies have shown that the emodin, a molecule present in the aloe, is effective for treating tumor cells. To date, however, as stated by AIRC, the Italian association for cancer research, there are no studies on humans that demonstrate the efficacious preventive or curative role of aloe against cancer. Fortunately, the studies are currently underway and the results are more than positive, which gives hope for excellent results in the short term.

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