Aloe vera: use in the veterinary field on horses

Horses, like pets, need a lot of care. All owners know how difficult it is to deal with the delicate joints of horses, which in particular in sports subjects, suffer many small injuries that make the joint 100% healthier. Aloe vera after several scientific studies has been found an excellent remedy for all the series of diseases, and not only, related to the limbs, hooves and the skin of the horse. Let’s analyze in detail all the disorders and the various methods to treat them with aloe.

Aloe vera: bruises and abrasions in horses

It often happens that the horse involuntarily undergoes contusions with haemorrhages in the capillaries under the skin. This generates a dark and bluish bruise that can sometimes degenerate and turn into abscess. Applying the aloe directly on the bruise, rubbing the product, the gel helps to dissolve the accumulated blood, so that it reabsorbs more easily and does not evolve into abscess.

Abrasions occur much more frequently than bruises. The damaged skin, when rubbed or scraped off, can cause irritation and redness, degenerating and causing infections that are sometimes serious. Abrasions usually affect the limbs because of collisions with hedges, obstacles or if the horse provokes them to free themselves. In order for the wound to heal quickly and not be infected, it is essential to keep it clean and apply aloe vera so as to encourage scarring and minimize the possibility of contracting infections.

aloe vera rimedio per i cavalli

The most common injuries in horses are those at the pastoral, or the lower part of the leg at the juncture between the end of the skin and the horn of the hoof. It is one of the most difficult areas to manage. This is also effectively treated directly with aloe vera gel as an external remedy.

Sprains and muscle sprains: aloe is an excellent ally

Aloe vera has proved to be an excellent therapy also for sprains and fractures to the ligaments, which in turn cause circulatory disorders and in severe cases also the spilling of blood into the liquid of the joint. In this case the treatment must be carried out after having treated the area with ice. Aloe should be applied by rubbing on the traumatized area, thus reducing pain and swelling.

Insect and non-horse bites: treat with aloe

Insect bites are one of the worst sores during the summer. In particular flies and mosquitoes can cause damage, especially to the ears of horses. With their ears up, they can become rough and can be infected, a situation that attracts even more those who love the blood. It is essential in this situation not only to play a preventive role using in the stalls of natural insect repellents, but taking care of every bite so that it does not get infected by calling flies and mosquitoes. Treating bites with aloe is an effective, economical and safe remedy for the health of the horse.

The horse may also be subject to another type of sting, the one usually caused by gravel, nails or sharp objects. This puncture causes a small fissure inside the socket which allows microbes and bacteria to become infected inside. It is important to clean the small wound every day, disinfecting it and applying aloe vera gel to speed up healing and to prevent multiplication of microbes and the possibility of developing infections.

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