Essence of Aloro

An exclusive organic cream from an Italian recipe in the surroundings of the place with the best Aloe Vera in the World.

Our name is the perfect match between 2 words: Aloe ( Vera) and Oro ( gold in Italian), with the addition of Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance also found in the fluids in the eyes and joints.


     Aloro main Characteristics  

  • The Best World Aloe Vera from Tenerife, Canaries Islands.

  • Bio energizing treatment with the help of gold: a processing method created by Italian cosmetologists.

  • Comes from years of experience in the cultivation and manipulation of natural elements.

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Aloro does NOT contain parabens.

We use 0.4% phenoxyethanol, which is probably the most widely used preservative in cosmetic products.

We also use another cosmetic ingredient that helps preserve and also has multiple other functions, in addition to a strong antimicrobial, moisturizing and degreasing action. It is composed of a mixture of ingredients subjected to a particular treatment, which helps to retain moisture in the skin and has its preservative action (this product is neither irritating nor sensitizing and does not contain genetically modified material).

The rest of the components are acidity and viscosity modulators (e.g. carbomer) and stabilizers, to obtain a stable formula that provides the desired sensory conditions.

The formula is what is known as a serum. The face serum is a light-textured base that has a high concentration of fast-acting active ingredients.

The main differences with a face cream are the concentration of the active ingredients in its formulation and the lightness of its structure.

In a cosmetic formula, all the NON-active components (Gold, Aloe and Hyaluronic Acid) are the components necessary for the formula to be stable, suitable for all skin types, more or less oily, fluid, hypoallergenic or not.

It is what finally gives rise to the sensation that the product gives us.

1% low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

24K Gold: used since ancient times for skin care, Cleopatra used it to create a night beauty mask that allowed her to preserve her youth. In ancient Rome, it was used to treat various skin problems, while it was one of the pillars of ancient Chinese medicine, used by the queen of the Qin dynasty.

It has an immediate effect on the face, giving brightness from the first application. Another advantage of gold is its antioxidant effect: its properties make it the best agent against free radicals and, in addition, it helps the skin to better assimilate the rest of the cosmetic ingredients.

Hyaluronic acid: low molecular weight. Acts as a moisturizer for the deeper layers of the epidermis. It has a filling effect on small wrinkles and expression lines and a tightening effect.

Aloe vera juice: juice extracted from the hand-cut leaves of Aloe vera grown in the Canary Islands. It does not come from powder or concentrate, which guarantees that it is a product with all its properties. Thanks to ecological agriculture and the meticulous production process, optimal conservation of all the active ingredients present inside the leaf is obtained. Provides polysaccharides (acemannan, galacturonic acid), sugars (glucose, mannose, galactose), organic acids, enzymes, amino acids, B vitamins and minerals.

Aloe juice has been used for centuries for its extraordinary moisturizing, regenerating, nourishing and healing properties. More than 5,000 years ago it was used by the ancient Egyptians for healing purposes.

The Bioenergetic treatment is the feature that makes it unique.

Each ingredient is enhanced and exploited to the maximum. Quantum medicine explains it, stating that any biological structure has a precise correspondence in terms of waves and frequencies, each element emits highly specific signals. Numerous studies have now demonstrated that the application of specific frequencies is able to exert biological effects on the elements, greatly increasing their normal properties.

Research And Tradition. Aloro represents the meeting between innovation and ancient processing techniques of the Italian master’s cosmetologists handed down over the years.

Processed in the Canary Islands, where they are the main ingredients it is cultivated as the best aloe vera in the world.

Passion and skill are characteristics necessary to balance the best ingredients natural and apply the best processing techniques.

To make Aloro, it is not enough to use top-quality products, but above all specific processing techniques are required that enhance and preserve the active ingredients contained.

Starting from the beginning, we use a mixture of ingredients (sedum) as a base, with the addition of a specific percentage of hyaluronic acid (indicate specifications and origin) and aloe vera Canaria, controlled by us at every stage of its cultivation.

In the evening before going to sleep, remove make-up and apply it to the skin of the face, rub gently for at least a minute and let it absorb.

A few drops are enough for each application, you can perform the treatment every day and if necessary you can repeat the treatment in the morning before putting on make-up, you will notice in a few days the benefits of aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, combined and amplified in elaboration of To them.

The constant use of Aloro protects the skin from ageing, from atmospheric agents and products applied on it such as make-up and creams of all kinds.

Gets better the appearance of the skin making it smoother and more elastic and reducing wrinkles.

Only on request by mail.