Atopic dermatitis: treat it with aloe vera!

Atopic dermatitis is one of the most annoying skin diseases. The incessant itching, the irrepressible desire to scratch you, does nothing but worsen the situation and make the symptoms a real torment.

What is and what are the causes of atopic dermatitis

This chronic inflammatory disease of the skin is manifested by skin lesions associated with pruritus which in turn causes secondary lesions due to continuous scratching and rubbing. It is an infantile illness mainly, it affects in 65% of cases within the first year of life or in 90% of cases within the first five years. However, there are some cases of atopic dermatitis in adolescence (20%) and adulthood. The duration of the inflammation varies from a few months to a few years.

The almost unnerving itching itching is controlled by a precise stretch of our spine, the hypothalamic tract. When the skin is attacked by itchy substances, the neurons in that segment of the column become hyperactive and send the itching signal to the brain.

The causes of atopic dermatitis may be genetic, due to the psychosomatic state of the subject, the surrounding environment or exposure to irritants.

Why does aloe vera help to alleviate the symptoms of dermatitis?

Aloe vera is an excellent remedy for relieving and placating the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. It can be taken in the form of aloe vera juice or smeared on the skin as if it were an ointment to relieve redness and itching.

aloe vera e dermatite crema

Aloe vera juice should be taken two or three times a day for at least three months. Just dissolve 10 ml of gel in a glass of water and drink it. There are four properties of the aloe that help fight this inflammation of the skin:

  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties: prevents the onset of infections caused by microbes
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: stimulates the immune defense and regeneration of the skin, producing more collagen
  • Soothing properties: it favors the formation of a protective layer against the action of bacteria and atmospheric agents
  • Healing properties: promotes healing of lesions

Aloe vera is rich in vitamin C, A and bioflavonoids that alleviate inflammation and keep skin tissue healthy. Furthermore there is an important concentration of vitamin B, in particular B6.

How to use aloe vera to combat atopic dermatitis

In adolescence or adulthood, atopic dermatitis can be combated with alo vera by acting in this way:

  • Take 10 ml of aloe vera for breakfast and 10 ml for dinner dissolved in a glass of water
  • Apply aloe vera gel to the area affected by dermatitis the night before going to bed

This program should be followed for at least 2/3 months. To broaden the effect of aloe vera it is suggested to take an omega-3 supplement and apply a propolis cream in the morning.

It is important not to exacerbate the situation by containing the dryness of the skin and limiting contact with allergens. It is essential to avoid dusty environments, to avoid exposure to the sun without protection, to wear clothes made of synthetic fibers and to prefer linen or cotton clothes.

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