Yes, Aloe Task is a completely natural product made with only aloe vera extracted from the fleshy leaves of the Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant. The cold extraction process is completely artisanal and does not alter the organoleptic characteristics of the gel. Each lot has a certification of ecological cultivation that attests the naturalness of the aloe extract.

Aloe gel is very sensitive to light, in fact at contact with air and UV rays oxidizes and loses its organoleptic qualities. The 10 ml pack of Aloe Task allows the consumer to use a gel that is always fresh, as just extracted, free of contamination and alterations. With a bottled product, the gel after the first use is altered and starts to deteriorate, resulting in a poor quality product in later applications. This will not happen with Aloe Task, since the small amount of gel allows you to use all of it without leaving any to oxidation.

Aloin is a chemical component of aloe vera gel.  When taken in large quantities this substance can cause side effects. Maltaloe eliminates the aloin in the first phase of gel preparation, in order to allow a daily use of the product without contraindications.

No, Aloe Task is a completely natural product. In case of side effects after using  the product, we recommend you to consult your doctor and report it to our customer service through the form in the contacts section.

Aloe Task can be drunk pure or diluted in water or juice. It can also be used as ingredient in recipes for the preparation of smoothies, teas and decoctions.

Aloe Task is a food product registered in the medical register with the number 21.032313/TF. However, it is now certain that aloe vera gel has multiple properties that can be enjoyed either by oral intake or by external application. It is suitable for the preparation of creams and lotions.

Yes, Aloe Task is a safe product and can be consumed even by animals in total safety.

Being aloe gel a natural product, if exposed to direct or indirect sunlight for a few hours it undergoes an oxidative process that causes loss of beneficial properties. Therefore it is important to consume the product immediately at the opening or at the latest within a couple of hours, taking care to close the bag carefully, keeping it in a cool place or in the refrigerator if possible.

Yes, it is important, however, to take care not to expose the sachet to direct sunlight for a long time, or to environments with temperatures that are too high or below zero, so as not to damage the product.

Aloe Task should be stored at home where food is usually stored. Before opening the single sachet the product should not be stored in the refrigerator, just place it away from rooms with temperatures too high or below zero.

If the package of Aloe Task is not used immediately it is possible to store it in the refrigerator for a few hours, maximum one day, taking care to close the sachet in the best way.

Aloe Task is a food product with regular registration to the medical register with number 21.032313 / TF. Aloe vera has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for the body, using it both from the inside and the outside.

Yes, the important thing is not to overheat the gel because it could alter and lose the beneficial characteristics of the product.

No, Aloe Task is a 99.7% pure natural product! Potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate (preservatives), citric acid (acidity regulator) and ascorbic acid (antioxidant) are part of the 0.3%.

Aloe gel is a very sensitive product that alters in a few hours when exposed to air and light. According to the health legislation in force, aloe gel to be packaged must be added with additives that stabilize the product. Aloe Task, unlike other products on the market, has a percentage of additives of only 0.3%, the minimum necessary to ensure the consumer an intact and fresh product when the sachet is opened.

Maltaloe believes that the best way to benefit from the properties of aloe vera gel is to take it pure and fresh, as if it had just been extracted from the leaf, as it happens when Aloe task is opened. Furthermore, our product is made of 99.7% pure aloe, and not a small percentage as our competitors’ products.

When we are convinced that we can offer customers a high quality product without losing our values and without altering the characteristics of the aloe, we will do it. Until then we will focus on Aloe Task.

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