Ingrown nail Treat it with aloe vera!

With the term of nail ingrown in common parlance we mean a nail disease called onicocriptosis. It is a rather painful and sometimes disabling situation that affects the nail of the big toe. It causes annoying inflammation and sometimes even infection of the tissues surrounding the nail bed. It is not one of those conditions that tends to resolve itself, so it is necessary to intervene with effective remedies, just like aloe vera and some small trick that helps alleviate the symptoms.

Causes and symptoms of ingrown toenail

Not sure if you suffer from ingrown toenail? Do not worry, we’ll help you! The typical symptoms of this condition are:

  • Skin around the reddened or inflamed nail
  • Painful area to the touch
  • Pus accumulation in the area surrounding the nail

Symptoms can sometimes occur all together, sometimes instead only one at a time. The causes that cause the disease are: excessive and / or abnormal growth of the nail, shoes not suitable for your feet, too tight socks and socks, trauma, excessive sweating and skin diseases.

The ingrown nail is classified according to the stage in which it is located: mild, (first stage), moderate (second stage) and late severe (third stage).

Aloe vera to fight inflammation from ingrown toenail

The first thing to do if you suffer from ingrown toenail is to cut it. To carry out this operation, we advise you to rely on qualified personnel, who know how to treat the disease. Following this step, it is necessary to prevent the nail from regrowing in the same direction as before. To avoid this possible task, place a piece of cotton between the skin and the nail bed, so as to push the nail growth towards the right direction. In order to speed up the healing process, the aloe vera gel should be applied to the area around the nail. This helps to treat the skin that will appear infected, reddened and certainly painful.

unghia incarnita e aloe

It is good to choose a quality gel. This should be spread on the skin three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening) leaving it to dry in the air. Always remember to wash your hands before making this step.

Aloe vera and foot bath

In addition to cutting and applying aloe gel to speed healing, it is good to follow a series of measures that positively affect the convalescence.

First of all I suggest you to take a foot bath once a day by placing your feet in warm water, in which to dissolve 10 ml of aloe vera gel, for 15/20 minutes. The purpose of treatment is to alleviate pain and to prevent the appearance of infections. Aloe is a powerful bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, it also soothes skin and has a healing effect.

Another very useful advice is to avoid too tight shoes and to walk barefoot when you are at home, this will allow air to circulate and thus prevent bacteria from infecting the inflamed area. Consider that bacteria live and multiply in hot and humid environments, so when you can try not to wear socks and shoes.

Finally, but not least, do not underestimate nail hygiene. Clean, cut and often check your nails, even when you have recovered from the problem, so as to reduce the chances of recurrence.

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