Is Aloe Vera safe for animals?

Aloe vera is an exceptional plant not only in the care of human health, but also in the treatment of many diseases and problems affecting animals. The aloe gel is in fact an excellent ally for dogs and cats, to effectively treat the four-legged friends with natural products without resorting to expensive drugs and full of side effects. But the question arises, is aloe vera safe for animals? Let’s find out together!

What products are toxic?

Although aloe leaves have many beneficial properties, there are some parts of the same that can be toxic. When opening a leaf you will notice a fleshy heart of transparent / green color sticky, the real gel, and at the edges a white sap, the so-called milk. For the animals the gel is not toxic, but milk can cause problems to your four-legged friend. Aloe Task is composed of only pure aloe gel not contaminated with the lymph, to which the concentration of aloin is reduced, a substance that if taken in large quantities can cause diarrhea.

aloe vera e tossicità

Do not opt for DIY, use only safe products such as Aloe Task, so as not to incur the risk of poisoning your dog. If you should use the aloe leaf directly and your dog or cat eats the plant, the symptoms of toxicity are stomach pains or vomiting. Mild or prolonged diarrhea may also occur, which in turn can cause dehydration. If it happens, call your vet immediately.

Is Aloe Task safe for animals? Yes, Aloe Task is absolutely safe for animals!

Aloe vera: how can it be used correctly?

Veterinarians advise the use of aloe by administering the product to drink pure or diluted, or externally through skin use. It is essential to buy only pure products, not mixed with other substances, in particular of chemical or synthetic derivation, that could be toxic to the animal.

Aloe gel can be dissolved directly in water to give to the animal. A sachet of Aloe Task in one liter of water is sufficient. If instead you want to give aloe as a syrup, the quantity varies according to the size of the dog or the cat:

  • Small size: 1 teaspoon 2-3 times a day
  • Medium size: 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day
  • Large size: 2 tablespoons 2-3 times a day

aloe utilizzo per animali

The external application, on the skin, must be done by massaging the area to be treated twice a day. In case the animal licks the wound very much, the application can be repeated several times. Make sure you use a pure and harmless product.

What can the gel be used for? In the veterinary field it is indicated for: dermatitis, wounds, skin mycosis, feline acne, gingivitis, ear infections, halitosis, cystitis, prostatitis, constipation, insect bite, liver problems, kidney problems and ulcers. It is also recommended for joint problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia.

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