Weak nails: nourish them with aloe vera

Healthy, beautiful and well-groomed nails are the best business card that can be presented. Hands are used in daily life to carry out most of the actions. Together with the face, they are among the areas of the body subject to greater attention during a conversation, in particular for the Italian people who use hand gesture to make the communication more complete. Taking care of your hands is important to introduce yourself to others as a neat person, who knows how to impress a stranger. Dry hands, with bitten nails, cuticles and broken nail bed transmit to others a negative idea of ourselves that may not correspond to the truth.

The causes of weak nails

The causes of weak and sick nails are different. Nutrition is certainly one of the most common problems. A bad eating plan that sees the consumption of junk food, alcohol, cigarettes and little fruit and vegetables can create major nail problems. One of the reasons for  weak nails is to be found in a diet low in vita mins, especially the A1, B2, C and D that are found in whole foods, legumes, fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

Excessive use of detergents and detergents can also contribute. Weak, brittle and dull nails are often the result of using aggressive products for cleaning and home care. Another common cause, particularly among women, is the frequent beauty treatments that are performed, such as the use of acrylics and polymer gels for the reconstruction and application of glaze or glue.

unghie deboli nutrimento con aloe vera

Aloe vera as nourishment from the inside for weak nails

One of the first habits to change for healthy and shiny nails is nutrition. You have to take the right amounts of vitamins and minerals like iron and zinc, in addition to proteins. Only by changing the food plan can the necessary change be made to improve.

However, sometimes the intake of active ingredients only through nutrition is not sufficient. And it is precisely here that aloe vera comes into play. This gel is a real cure for health. Taking it is easy, just drink 40 ml per day for satisfactory results. Consuming aloe from the inside will compensate for the need for nutrients that have the nails of mineral salts and vitamins.

But not only that, aloe vera is also an excellent source of nourishment from the outside. By massaging the gel directly on the nail bed this will be nourished locally, to have a beneficial effect fast and safe. The massage is done every day, once a day. The gel should be applied not only on the nail, but also on the skin around it. In this way the nail will tend to flake less and grow healthy and composed without visible vertical streaks.

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