Aloe Task is the result of a unique idea: to allow everyone to have quality aloe vera gel always available, a gel that is as fresh as freshly extracted, to be used in everyday life.


Aloe Task: from extraction to packaging

The aloe gel that we use for the production of Aloe Task is 99.7% pure and it is the result of the extraction from the leaves of the plant Aloe Barbadensis Miller. The high percentage of pureness of the product guarantees the consumer a unique gel, of excellent quality and concentrated, ideal to be ingested or used as an ingredient for the preparation of various recipes. The remaining 0.3% is composed by natural additives, such as citric acid and ascorbic, that protect the gel from oxidation due to air and light.

From a legislative point of view, Aloe Task is a certified and authorized product for food use. It can be taken as it is or diluted. It is regularly registered in the medical register with the number 21.032313/TF

The leaves of the Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant are harvested by hand and from each plant we cut 4-5 leaves a year, so as to preserve the health of the plant and also the quality of the gel that is extracted. The leaves are washed manually with fresh water only, to remove all impurities and foreign bodies that could contaminate the outer surface of the leaf.

Once this is done, the actual extraction process begins. The leaf is engraved at the base and at the tip with a precise cut. This will be put in cold water for eight hours, so as to remove the excess of aloin. Once the necessary time has elapsed, the gel is extracted manually with the help of a spatula. The gel is squeezed from the leaf by a next-gen machine that does not overheat the product and therefore does not cause organoleptic changes. Then the 0.3% of preservatives is added to the pure gel, which allow the manufacturer to offer customers an excellent product, which is preserved without suffering alterations, so as to have aloe gel always as fresh as just extracted.

The packaging process takes place in an aseptic environment and at low temperatures, in order not to alter the characteristics of the aloe. We use 10g sachets that protect the gel from UV rays and high temperatures.


Why do we produce packs of 10g of product?

Aesthetically, the sachet of Aloe Task comes with a simple but functional packaging. Each pack contains 10g of product. The choice to prefer this format compared to large packs is studied and not dictated by chance. Being a product without chemical preservatives and 99.7% pure, it is sensitive to light, oxygen and degrading agents. In fact, if we leave the gel in the air, after about five days small colonies of mold will appear and the color of the ge will vary from green/transparent to brown. This transformation of the gel is proof of the fact that we are really talking about an excellent product, without preservatives or synthetic ingredients.

By opting for small packs of 10 grams, we give the consumer the chance to use every day a fresh product, free from organic alterations and rich in nutrients just like freshly extracted from the plant.

The unfinished Aloe Task sachet should be stored in the refrigerator or in a cool place away from light for a few hours, maximum one day.


How Aloe Task gel is presented

The gel is easily spread on the skin, it is not greasy and it is absorbed quickly. The typical smell of the aloe disappears after a few minutes from application.

It dissolves perfectly in water or juice and has a pleasant taste. It can be drunk by adults and children and also given to animals in total safety.


Aloe Task: how to use it

Aloe Task is designed to have pure aloe gel always at your fingertips. The small package allows you to carry it comfortably in your bag, suitcase or beauty case that you use when you’re away from home. It can be used as it is or as an ingredient for the preparation of slimming drinks or, at the discretion of the consumer, as an ingredient for creams and lotions.

It is particularly suitable as it is to moisturize face and body skin, nourish the hair, protect the lips, stimulate the immune system, fight acne, treat ulcers or canker sores, soothe the symptoms of insect bites and much more.

Combined with other ingredients, it can be used to prepare shaving cream, anti-aging tonic, do-it-yourself toothpaste, anti-inflammatory mouthwash, moisturizing and purifying cream, aloe syrup to fight seasonal illnesses and to prepare smoothies to lose weight.