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Aloe gel is perfect for counteracting the symptoms of gastritis, slow digestion and problems with the digestive system. It also helps to lose weight safely. It is also an ideal ingredient for insect repellents, but not only! The aloe gel is suitable for the preparation of teas and decoctions to fight colds, flu and sore throat.

In the aesthetic field, aloe vera is a valid ally to counteract burning, redness and itching caused by the depilation of sensitive and non-sensitive skin. It is also used for treatments against skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

The uses of the aloe are really multiple. This plant with beneficial properties can be used for the treatment of herpes and as an aid to the immune system from the inside, to combat candida, atopic dermatitis, gingivitis and even hemorrhoids! It can be diluted in water or in juices to create a beneficial drink.

Organic products are not only a fashion, but an awareness of how badly chemicals are. Ecological aloe vera is also suitable for sensitive individuals. With the gel you can prepare many organic DIY products such as toothpaste, mouthwash for sensitive gums, shampoos, eye drops and much more, so you can use only natural and safe preparations every day!

Thanks to the rediscovery of natural remedies and homeopathy, we are increasingly aware that not only drugs but also plants and herbs have healing properties. And that’s where aloe vera comes into play. The gel of this secular plant can be used to restore the right hormonal levels, fight winter flu and the resulting symptoms, treat candidiasis, control blood sugars and fight hemorrhoids from both inside and outside.

Aloe vera is not a valid natural remedy only for humans but also for animals. It can be used on pets like dogs and cats and on horses. Helps to eliminate fleas, placate the symptoms of insect bites, treat burns, gastritis and feline acne.

The single-dose package is much loved by guests who will be able to try aloe gel, a 100% natural product, instead of the classic body, hand or face cream. The packs of aloe are also particularly appreciated as after-sun, perfect to offer to customers in seaside areas.

Dandruff is a problem affecting many women and men, as well as dry or greasy hair and irritated scalp. Aloe vera is a natural remedy able to restore the right balance and it allows the hair to shine with its own natural light. Just make a compress with aloe vera to get good results right after treatment.

Thanks to recent studies on the use of aloe vera on animals, pets can finally take advantage of the beneficial properties of this plant. With the aloe gel you can create detergents for cleaning both the hair and the teeth, but not only! Aloe intake can help to strengthen the body before traveling, so as to fight stress efficiently.

With the hectic life that we lead, we have to take advantage of every free moment to take care of yourself. There is nothing better than a beauty routine while traveling, relaxing and giving the right attention to the body. Aloe vera is a powerful moisturizer but delicate, also suitable for the most sensitive skin. In addition, the hot and cold air conditioning dries out the skin. With the aloe gel you can provide the right hydration to the cells of the face and hands.

Aloe is an ally that can be used in different ways when travelling. In addition to being a perfect natural moisturizer, it helps to refresh the skin, soothe it and fight insect bites, an annoying problem always around the corner when you take a trip to the city, the countryside or the sea!

The benefits of aloe vera on horses are amazing. Several studies have confirmed that aloe gel helps combat frequent problems in horses such as bruises, abrasions and muscle sprains. The “big” packs are perfect for treatments and will save you money by avoiding the purchase of medicines (expensive and full of side effects).

It is a good idea to wash your hands before eating. But often soap is not enough, so why not disinfect them? With aloe vera gel you can create a natural disinfectant to be offered to your customers at the entrance of the room or directly in the toilets. It can also be used for the preparation of purifying and detoxifying centrifuges or smoothies, ideal after a period of period of bingeing or when you want to lose weight in a safe and healthy way.

In herbal teas, it can be used as a main ingredient for the preparation of hot and cold drinks to detoxify, eliminate waste, toxins and lose weight. But not only! It can be used in combination with anti-cellulite massages and lymph-draining massages to facilitate the loss of fluids, or after a skin cleanse or scrub.

Aloe vera can be used not only to treat diseases and particular conditions, but also as an ingredient for the preparation of desserts and ice creams that are good for our health. This ingredient is well tolerated by everyone. By replacing cow’s milk with soy milk, rice or almond milk, you can also offer excellent vegan ice-cream.

After exposure to UV rays, the skin needs to be nourished and soothed. Thanks to its rich composition of water, vitamins and mineral salts, aloe is perfect for moisturizing the skin and placating burning and discomfort by acting as a natural after sun.

It can cover the daily requirement of amino acids and mineral salts that the body needs when following a vegan diet, poor in animal produc

After getting a tattoo, the skin is inflamed and is subject to possible infections. By applying a generous amount of aloe vera, the gel will help the skin to heal faster, prevent the appearance of infections and will also placate the burning and pain caused by the tattoo.

It is a natural supplement rich in vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements. In the bodybuilding sector it proves to be a great help, especially during training sessions and when a specific weight must be respected. You can drink it as it is or diluted.

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